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The only place I can be free

Guys I blame all my emotional shit this week on my period. I will be back to normal soon. Maybe

Drove home from work balling my eyes out. I don’t know the cause. It just happened. I feel so much better now. Stress is a crazy thing


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Exactly how I feel right now

I’m starting to lose hope and give up on everything. It’s too hard. I don’t think I am strong enough to to fight this battle.

I don’t know who to trust anymore

I’m starting to really hate myself. The moment I am alone I freak out and can’t think straight. I have trouble breathing and all depressed. Like wtf is wrong with me?

I really don’t understand when people say they are too busy to text. It takes about one second to respond. What’s so hard about that? Just tell me you don’t fucking care and don’t want to talk to me.


when my parents complain about meĀ image

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